Pentage Winery

Pentage Winery
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OWNED AND OPERATED BY PAUL GARDNER & JULIE RENNIE – IT ALL BEGAN IN 1996…… Paul As a marine engineer, Paul was away from home a third of every year. In 1995 he decided it was time to build a business that would allow us to work as a team. With the love of wine and the dream to have a sustainable home based business what could have been more logical than to build a winery from scratch in the Okanagan Valley – how hard could it be? Those of you who know Paul are aware that he thrives on projects and always sees them through to fruition. You will usually find Paul somewhere on the property tackling a project, no matter the magnitude, as long as it is beneficial to the final project. For instance, why build a conventional winery building when you can build a 5,000 square foot natural rock wine cellar? As a hands-on winemaker from vineyard to bottle, Paul is driven by passion and excellence in all aspect of the business. Paul believes that every day working is a holiday and every meal a feast. When he is not living and breathing Pentâge – Paul enjoys riding his motorcycle and seeking an adventure in different parts of the world. Julie Julie, with many years of business and administration experience, manages the business side of the operation. Between employees, accounting, sales and marketing you will most likely find Julie in the office. However, when needed, she can be found up in the winery getting sticky with the rest of the team. Working as a team is important in our operation. Both of us are continually involved in every facet of our business. Our commitment to excellence begins with the welfare of the vines and continues through all aspects of the business to the final bottling.




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4551 Valley View Road Penticton, BC, V2A 8V8
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